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Implenia employees share about their experience with Urban Connect

Aug 18, 2020

Bernadette Arbogast (Sustainability Consultant, Implenia) and Rolf Wagenbach (Global Head Sustainability, Implenia) talk in an interview about their experiences with the Urban Connect service so far.

Ms Arbogast, Mr Wagenbach, you are both responsible for sustainability at Implenia. How important is sustainability in Implenia’s strategic orientation?

Sustainability is an integral part of everything Implenia does. Because only as a sustainable company – towards the environment, society and the economy – are we fit for the future and therefore successful in the long term.

We have been on this path since 2009, focusing our commitment on five thematic areas: Sustainable Products and Services, Attractive Work Environment, Care for the Environment, Corporate Citizenship and Compliance, and Financial and Operational Excellence.

Why do more and more companies care about the mobility of their employees?

Transport is responsible for about one third of CO2 emissions in Switzerland. As a company that wants to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases, mobility issues should accordingly be included. In addition, employee satisfaction depends on the existing mobility offers and of course these are also a cost driver.

Why did you choose the bike and e-bike solution from Urban Connect?

We wanted to enable our employees to move between our sites, construction sites and clients’ offices in a sustainable way, even if the public transport connections are not optimal. To do this, we wanted a solution that was as easy to use as possible and did not generate a lot of work for us in operation.

Have these expectations been fulfilled so far? How has Implenia specifically benefited from this mobility solution?

Thanks to COVID-19, the bikes and e-bikes are not only used for meetings, but sometimes also for lunch breaks or the way to work. For us, it is a positive side effect that we can also provide our employees with a safe and comfortable means of transport during this time.

How is the service received by the employees?

Very well, we have received a lot of positive feedback and the number of users and bookings is steadily increasing. We also think that we have made the topic of sustainability more visible for the employees in their daily work.

What convinced you most about the Urban Connect offer? Why?

On the one hand, the possibility to “try out” the service in a pilot project. Furthermore, we don’t have to worry about the operation. Booking, service and maintenance are completely taken care of by Urban Connect. And of course the monthly user statistics are also very helpful for us.

Do you see the bike solution as a benefit for your company or is it a cost factor?

If the user numbers continue to increase, we see the solution as a profit. We promote the health of our employees and if the e-bikes / bikes are used for business trips, we also save costs for petrol or public transport tickets.

How much effort have you put in since the fleet has been in operation?

Very little, apart from internal communication measures to make our employees aware of the service, we have had no effort.

What do you have to do if a bike is defective?

The employees can report a defect themselves via the app or the Urban Connect service hotline. They then take care of everything else.

Who takes care of charging the batteries?

The e-bikes are reconnected to the power supply by the employees themselves after the ride. We have put up small posters at the charging station to remind the employees. So far everything is running smoothly.

Which companies would you recommend the Urban Connect mobility service to?

Companies that want to promote sustainable mobility among their employees without much administrative effort.

Source: Stadt Zürich. Tiefbau- und Entsorgungsdepartement.
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